Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gone Forever?

Two weeks ago I wrote "I will spend the rest of the day without Office2007"

I didn't expect to spend the rest of my life without Office2007.

I used the Add Remove Programs tool from Control Panel to remove Office2007 and then performed some minor surgery on file folders to remove lingering traces.

I find now that I can install neither the original Office2007 (OPPLUS-EN.EXE) nor the BTTR (office2007b2tr-kb000000-fullfile-en-us.exe).

The original leaps to the web site and dies.

The Beta Two Technical Refresh throws up a "Please Wait" box, then tells me that there is nothing to install.

Moral (to date): Don't try to uninstall Office 2007 Beta

If you return to my earliest blog entries, you'll see that I decided to skip the Virtual machine route. It's OK to write and tell me that I could've, should've gone that way.

I know.