Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good help is hard to find


Good help is hard to find, but this is a keeper:

When you arrive at this help screen, choose Show All in the top-right corner and scroll down about 10% if the expanded document to locate "New locations of familiar commands".

I wish I had found this sooner.

Be honest now; how many items marked "Removed from product" Had you ever used (excepting the Toolbar groups)?

Here is an abbreviated list:

Draw ¦ Align or Distribute ¦ Relative to Canvas

Draw ¦ Align or Distribute ¦ Relative to Diagram

Draw ¦ Align or Distribute ¦ Relative to Organization Chart

Draw ¦ Align or Distribute ¦ Relative to Page


File Search

Formatting ¦ Down


Function Key 8

Go To

Insert AutoText

Keyboard Language

Layout ¦ Fit Diagram to Contents

Letters and Mailings ¦ Letter Wizard

Letters and Mailings ¦ Show Japanese Greetings Toolbar

Letters and Mailings ¦ Show Mail Merge Toolbar

Look Up Reference

Macros ¦ Microsoft Script Editor

Mail Recipient

Menu Mode

Microsoft Script Editor

Microsoft Script Editor

Move Text

Next Field

Online Collaboration ¦ Web Discussions

Other Pane


Save As

Save as Web Page

Send To ¦ Mail Recipient

Send To ¦ Recipient using a Fax Modem

Send To ¦ Routing Recipient

Show Signature

Show the Office Assistant

Sign out


Spelling and Grammar

Tables and Borders Toolbar

Task Pane

Toolbars ¦ AutoText

Toolbars ¦ Control Toolbox

Toolbars ¦ Database

Toolbars ¦ Drawing

Toolbars ¦ E-mail

Toolbars ¦ Formatting

Toolbars ¦ Forms

Toolbars ¦ Frames

Toolbars ¦ Mail Merge

Toolbars ¦ Outlining

Toolbars ¦ Picture

Toolbars ¦ Reviewing

Toolbars ¦ Standard

Toolbars ¦ Tables and Borders

Toolbars ¦ Task Pane

Toolbars ¦ Visual Basic

Toolbars ¦ Web

Toolbars ¦ Web Tools

Toolbars ¦ WordArt

Update Field

Version History ¦ On My Computer

WordPerfect Help