Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I miss my handy Under-The-Hood tools.

I’m trying to use Ctrl-Shift-D which I had assigned to a macro in Under.dot “TypeDateConstant ”.

In Office2007, Ctrl-Shift-D remains assigned to the default “Double-Underline” formatting.

It seems that Office2007 has not recognized my keyboard assignment in under The Hood.

Why can I say that?

(1) Because the macro is there, and runs in Office2007, delivering today’s date to me, as it should.

(2) Because I have Word2000 loaded and can show that the key assignment is functioning well in Word2000.


The MRU (Most recently Used) list is upgraded – sort of.

Remember the list at the foot of the old File menu? It showed the 4 most recently used files.

Through Tools, Options, General you could crank it up to a meager nine. An unreasonable limit (I have ten blogs, let alone my real work load!).

I wrote MRUse.dot to overcome this difficulty.

Sets no limits

Sorts in any sequence


Jumps to location in document (no bookmarks up my sleeve, either!)

Absorbs Excel MRUse list (you should be able to open your budget from your memo, right?)

Maintains a stop-list of file extensions

Has a switchable memory.
The usual good stuff, right?

Here’s the good news: Word2007 permits more than 9 entries in the MRU list.

Here’s the bad news: Not more than 50.

And no real improvements to help the user, IMHO.


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