Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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19:03 started installation

I need the product keyt that arrived in the email message "Microsoft® Office 2007 Beta 2 Confirmation & Product Keys"
I read the EULAID:012.0_B2_PRE.2_BTA_EN
I accept.
I elect to Keep all previous versions
I change the installation folder to C:\Program Files\Office2007 (I already have C:\Program Files\Office2003, C:\Program Files\Office2000, C:\Program Files\Office97)
19:10 I confirm my user information and choose Install Now.
19:16 I don't register for online service.

I Close the dialogue box
19:18 Activation kicks in ...
19:19 ... and here I am in Word2007.

A rather painless process. Sixteen minutes from Go! to Whoa!

I double-click on my web site Index.doc so that I can write up this article, and 2007 kicks in. Without my opened document. And without my customization. In fairness I have not touched the 2007 equivalent of Tools, Options, locations, Startup folder.
When I load Word2002 it runs through its own re-initialization routine. I notice that my customised Standard toolbar is missing. Wonder Why.


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