Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Second Look

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I have changed my settings as best I can in the various options dialogues. Now it is time to restart Word2007 and see if I can create and save a document using my custom macros.
My toolbars can be seen in the AddIns ribbon, but not all of them are visible.
Here is what I see in Word2000:

Each of my application toolbars has been marked with a splodge of red paint.
Thirteen of them.
Two of the toolbars are quite wide, the remainder are about one-inch wide. Each toolbar expands into its own menu tree.
When I try to run my “Best fit toolbars by name” macro to re-arrange the toolbars to occupy the minimum amount of space, the macro crashes. I’m not really surprised.
Time to take a look at what has happened to VBA.


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