Wednesday, July 19, 2006

First Look

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Can I run Word2000 and Word2007 simultaneously?

Yes. I’m typing this in 2000 while playing around in 2007.

That is a good sign.

The old toolbar is replaced by a “ribbon”. At first glance it has the appearance of a simple menu system that has taken over more of my monitor real-estate to offer bloated toolbars.

I am accustomed now to searching for favorite items in a reorganized release of Office, and true to form, File Locations isn’t found anywhere on the “menu” area. It is found by going to the “pearl”, top left-hand corner, ignoring the prominent items displayed on the left-hand side of that dialogue, choosing “Word Options” from the bottom border of the dialogue, “Advanced” within that, “File Locations” within that, and waddyaknow! Here’s the regular plain-looking File Locations dialogue box.

Lest you are thinking “It didn’t take long for him to start complaining”, be assured that I mention this here, this early, to warn you that many familiar actions will appear unchanged. Once you can find where they have been put.


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