Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Word2007 - the Home tab, darn it!

Word 2007 loads with the Home tab of the ribbon as the dominant tab.

I have found that much of my work involves running macros from the Add-Ins tab.

Consequently the first thing I normally do is to click on the Add-Ins tab and choose a macro.

Providing the macro remains in the current document (for example a macro that merely types text in the current document), the Add-Ins tab remains dominant. But as soon as I run a macro that involves another document (easy example is Make Envelope From Selection), the default Home tab is dominant.

I covered this earlier in Asking For A Default Ribbon, and that would work for my Startup scenario, but here I think I’d like the option to disable Word’s management of tabs completely – let me be the one who decides whether tripping to the Home tab saves me clicks, or whether remaining on whatever tab I’m working in saves me clicks.

Here is another scenario: suppose you are dabbling in tables. You have the Layout tab activated.

You decide you need a table from another document. You open the document and would like the layout table to remain visible so that you can select a table in your document and do something with it. You can’t. Word 2007 has hidden the layout tab from sight.


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