Monday, August 28, 2006

Asking for a default ribbon.


I am looking for a way to lock a different ribbon from Home as the default ribbon on loading Word. Here is why:

Over the years I have developed several Microsoft Word applications which assist me in my work. The greatest aid is Under The Hood - a collection of about 600 macros which augment the offerings of the end-user interface for Word. As well I have a one-click indexing tool, a precis generator, a trail blazer, and more. These sit with their own toolbars ready to spring into action in Word97, Word2000, Word2002 and Word2003. But not Word2007.

Word2007 displays the ribbon, and always launches with the Home ribbon on top. I'd rather have the AddIns ribbon as the default. That is where my primary tools lie, not in formatting locally selected items of text. I apply styles globally with an Under macro "Fix Styles", that examines the entire document and makes intelligent decisions about the style to be applied to each paragraph.

To the best of my limited knowledge, I can't make the AddIn ribbon the default ribbon, and that means an extra "click" is added to what ought to be the most accessible options on my screen. An added cost to my work.


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