Monday, September 25, 2006

But Not Forgotten

I have re-booted, Just To Be Safe™, and note with passing interest that the feedback buttons which I installed after the Office2007 installation are still in place.

Now I'm puzzled. Are these part of Office 2007 and should have been disappeared, or are they across-the-board Microsoft devices.?

If the former, why are they still here?

If the latter, how will Microsoft know which version of a product a typical end-user is discussing? I bet 95% of users don not know about Help, About.

Perhaps I should send negative feedback about this issue ……

No wait! There's More!!

The Office12 files are not completely removed. I chose a non-standard folder name for installation, but did not fudge the installation in any way. Tonight while inspecting XLStart locations I noticed the Office12 folder remains in place with a multitude of DLLs, to name but thirty.


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